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Enjoy Light News Now! Our vision is to bring a ray of hope to one soul at a time. Our focus is to love God and love people. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!


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Light News Now

Bringing you Good News to Brighten Your Soul

Looking for uplifting news? Good news? Light news? Take a break from the crazy world right now. Be assured that everything here is uplifting , funny, or inspirational.

My niece Megan's birthday was this week. Most likely it is not how she invisioned her 19th birthday, but we sure had fun! We wore hats, talked, laughed, sang Happy Birthday, and her dad even performed an awesome magic trick. Zoom even extended our time.

Next up is my niece Mary's birthday on Wednesday. We are all excited to tune in!

More uplifting news, good news, and light news

Florida Police Officers surprise this little boy for his birthday!

Another surprise but this time from the New York State Police!

When the whole neighborhood sings to you!

You can't help but

laugh at this one :)

Now that you have been inspired go forth and spread kindness;

be the light!

Brought to you by Classy Crown Designs

Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

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Mary Bethel
Mary Bethel
Apr 11, 2020

I will need to order May cards soon!


I love your blog, Julie! Thank you for highlighting Meg’s birthday. It was so special to have her whole family there. We would have preferred it to be in person, but it was the next best thing! We’re looking for all the silver linings during this time and this is certainly one of them. We were just happy she had her family to spend it with her. In the end that’s all that truly matters. FAMILY 💗


Mary Bethel
Mary Bethel
Apr 09, 2020

Loved todays blog. We did have fun celebrating Megan's 19th birthday! What a crazy and fun family even in difficult times. Keep it going Julie!!

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