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Be a Light

10 years ago I read a book called, The Path, by Laurie Beth Jones. For the most part, you answer questions creating your mission or vision for your life. The idea is to shorten this vision so that you can say it or think it in any situation; narrow it down to a few words. This is what I came up with: Be a Light.

I am giving a speech this week for Toastmasters. In the speech, I am to share my vision and create goals and tasks to implement it. I chose 3 goals and three tasks.

The first goal in line with my vision, Be a light, is to show my gratitude. My task is to show my gratitude each week. Every week I will show my gratitude to another person by writing a thank you note, or telling a person how grateful I am, or giving someone something to show my gratitude.

The second goal in line with my vision, Be a Light, is to shed a light on something that I need to change, or confront, or let go. Each week I will do just that change something, confront something, or let go of something.

The third goal in line with my vision, Be a light, is to share my light. My task each week is to do or find something in the world and share it. Each week, right here on this blog, I will share videos that uplift, put a smile on your face, or make you laugh.

Here are three:

You are the light of the world. Matthew 5:14

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1 Comment

Mary Bethel
Mary Bethel
Jun 11, 2020

Love all of these! Be a light! So positive and good!

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